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Treatment Of Genital Warts

An important feature of the human body is that its immune system can cure genital warts completely. Once the immune system is weakened, it won’t work effectively and will fail to kill viruses causing genital warts. Drug manufacturing companies make tall claims through advertisements that they have better solutions for wart removal. But cure for genital warts are not in their hands and they can’t guarantee complete cure. Such drug manufacturing companies make false promises to cure genital warts. Their claims befool people while they keep earning huge money. Check credibility of such drugs and avoid these drug companies.

The treatment of genital warts is often perfected by a doctor and they must be consulted when you want to remove the genital warts. Trying to remove the genital warts on your own without sound knowledge of the removal procedure can cause damage to the skin and other nearby organs. Cutting off the genital warts with sharp objects such as blades is not recommended as it can cause a lot of bleeding.

When you go to the doctor for the treatment of genital warts, the doctor will first analyze the genital warts and give you all the genital wart removal options. Talk to your doctor about all the treatment options in detail and then, make a decision after getting to know all the pros and cons of each treatment. You may also want to know the cost of all the possible treatment options. Make a note of all the treatment options for the removal of genital warts and then zero in on one of the treatments.

Be aware of the technique on how Podophyllin resin treatment is done when your doctor prescribes it for you. Usually, doctors take Podophyllin resin and carefully apply it on those portions of the body which is infected with genital warts. Podophyllin resin can be applied without any hurdle through following an easy process. This brown liquid is applied on the genital warts. Patients are instructed to stay for four hours so that it can be removed after that particular time. Once Podophyllin resin is washed away from genital warts, you are permitted by the doctor to leave the place.

In some cases, patients face burning sensations before four hours after application of this medicine. If this problem occurs, doctors wash off Podophyllin resin before set time. Basically, Podophyllin resin attacks genital warts by stopping them further and preventing growth of cells which invite warts. When it shows effect, genital warts dissolve and fall slowly. It should be noted that Podophyllin resin medicine may damage skin near genital warts by harming healthy tissues; hence, doctors applying it should remain careful. In many cases, doctors apply petroleum jelly in the nearby areas of genital warts to keep healthy tissues safe.

The duration of the treatment is of great concern to the patients. Usually, the doctors apply the Podophyllin resin once a week and the treatment may go on for at least a minimum of six weeks. If the Podophyllin resin treatment is not showing any visible signs of genital wart reduction, then the treatment procedure may be extended for a few more weeks. Excessive use of Podophyllin resin is not recommended as it may damage the healthy tissue in the long run.

Another option besides Podophyllin resin treatment is Podofilox lotion. Simple difference between these two treatments is that Podofilox lotion can be applied by the patients themselves unlike Podophyllin resin which is applied by experienced doctors only. Podofilox lotion treatment is prescribed for twice a day application. Mostly, second application of Podofilox lotion is suggested before patients go to bed. This treatment is not a continuous treatment process unlike the former, and that is why it is a flexible option. Usually, three days of application of Podofilox lotion show result and is stopped thereafter to begin again after a gap of four days.

Nearly four to five weeks is required for Podofilox lotion treatment to show effective results on genital warts. In case there is no sign of reduction in genital warts in the stated period, patients are told to continue it for some more time. There is one main shortcoming of both Podofilox lotion and Podophyllin resin treatments — none of them guarantee 100% cure of genital warts. There are other treatments, too, which your doctor may prescribe besides Podofilox lotion and Podophyllin resin treatments. They are as follows:
o    Laser surgery
o    Electrocautery
o    Cryocautery (which is also called Cryotherapy)
o    Genital wart cream

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